This website is a work in progress. For now it is a place to share a small sample of what I have been playing with recently. All of the images and videos on this page were shot in April and May, 2022. I think of them as a visual library and log of the avian wildlife that I share space with. These lovely creatures captivated my interest so much that I ended up getting tendinitis from the many hours I spent hanging out in the trees watching them through my lens this spring. 

It was totally worth it.

my neighbors.



Art. Science. Nature. Love.

A visual exploration of life captured by a human with a camera.

I like finding new ways of seeing my world through a lens. It helps me understand more of what it means to be an animal that shares this planet with all the other living things that allow for our continued existence as a species. Right now I'm exploring our bird neighbors, and they are simply delightful.



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