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watch a cow ski

I have one of those names that no one knows how to pronounce. Ever since I was a kid I had to walk people through the pronunciation of my last name, 'Waicukauski'. The simple way to get there is to pronounce it as the sentence, "Watch a cow ski". And this is also why most of the world knows me simply as Jen W.


Who am I?

Talk about a loaded question! Without getting too philosophical, when answering a completely philosophical question.... by name, I am Jen Waicukauski. I prefer to be known for who I am rather than what I do since none of what really matters about a person shows up on their resume.  I hope to make a more positive impact on the world than a negative one, and to leave you feeling confident, connected, energized, and inspired for having spent time with me and my work. 


What's up with this website?

I have come to realize that I must start sharing what I create because it is not possible to affect change by keeping creation hidden away, and keeping my own voice silenced. This website is the beginning of a means of organizing the wealth of creative content that happens in my mind, on my computer, in my camera, etc and putting it into a form in which it can be shared with friends, family and strangers (who are really just future-friends). It is both scary and cathartic. 

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Why should you care?

Chances are good that you are here because you want to know more about me and maybe find some inspiration for yourself or camaraderie. I believe that connecting with each other through art and media can change minds and encourage humans to lean into the best parts of their humanity by offering a new and intriguing perspective. The world is a better place when we try to see it through the eyes of someone else.

Explore. Create. Connect. Evolve.

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Curiosity is my superpower



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