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August 2023




Led photography workshop


Polar Bears. Belugas. Aurora Borealis.

We just wrapped up a photography workshop in Churchill, Canada this past August. It was my first time visiting this remote location, and I can attest to the enchanting allure of this haven situated beneath the aurora oval. Revered as the "Polar Bear Capital of the World," Churchill provided us with mesmerizing opportunities to capture the regal polar bears in their natural habitat. Against the backdrop of the Hudson Bay, this unique place offered us an incredible spectacle for our lenses. The tundra's stark beauty, complemented by the dance of the northern lights overhead, became a poignant setting to immortalize the resilience of 'middle of nowhere' sub-arctic life. Our cameras also turned to myriad other inhabitants of Churchill, from the playful beluga whales to the elusive arctic hares and a symphony of bird species. The dynamic interplay of wildlife against the rugged terrain, bathed in the ethereal Arctic light, made Churchill an unparalleled setting for our photography workshop, allowing us to craft visually stunning narratives that capture the raw beauty and delicate balance of this isolated ecosystem and charming community.

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