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I make art portraits of nouns

You have curated a beautiful life and I create artful images to describe and illuminate the things in your life that bring you joy and make your life, uniquely yours. Your life is a work of art, let's make portraits of the things, people and places that are central to your story.

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Your Life in Pictures

Your life is full of special things both large and small that are important to you and that describe who you are and what you love. How you have chosen to build life around yourself, that is what I make portraits of.

Perhaps you've decorated your favorite tree, or have your morning coffee while saying hello to a particular chattering squirrel, the house plant that you have magically kept alive for a decade, a quilt made by your great grandmother, or your beloved family (furry or feathered, whatever creatures you choose to love), your garden, or the way you put care into the food you cook or grow. We each build our lives and have a million different little things that make our one precious life special and unique. Have you ever thought of having a portrait of you be many portraits of those little things? I think the way we choose to live our life and the things we surround ourselves with ARE the picture of our life. It is the most beautiful and accurate description of our choices. Why not celebrate those choices? Why not elevate all the little things that make our life unique?

For myself, I love to bring the magic I discover in my yard, into my home. Adorning my walls with the unique personalities of the creatures I share space with makes me happy. I make portraits of our incredible bird neighbors, the pollinators that visit our yard, the plants and earth of our outdoor space as it has evolved through our care (creating an inviting space for nature to thrive), our dogs and my people - the rain boots that live outside our door, the steam that rises off our deck in the morning, the dried flowers and herbs I've hung about... the things that make our space and our home so exquisitely ours. These are the things that I celebrate and commemorate in images for myself and the things that I can also make into art for you. If you take the time to show me the life you have curated I will create artful images to describe and illuminate the things in your life that bring you joy and make your life, uniquely yours.

How it works

I like to keep things simple (since life is complicated enough). You can book a time here which will temporarily reserve that appointment for you. There are limited appointments available and the package is $2500 (plus expenses for travel outside of the SF Bay Area). A 50% deposit is required upon scheduling with the other 50% due upon delivery of images. We will finalize the booking after a short zoom consultation. If we are both happy with the plan we will both sign a written agreement and the first $1250 is due. This finalizes your reservation for the appoinment date. Then we meet and you show off what you love about your life and I get to work making images out of what I see and hear about the things you care about. This isn't a posed portrait session. You aren't expected to dress up. I just show up and and you show off what makes you happiest in your life and home. This is actual documentation of your real life and my artistic interpretation of experiencing you and the people, places and things that you surround yourself with.

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1.  Make a Plan

Book your preferred appointment time and I will contact you to schedule a zoom and go over the details. If it seems like a good fit for both of us, then we can finalize logistics and move on to the fun part.

Making Bread

2.  Show and Tell

We'll spend the first hour or so with you showing me around the things in your life and your space that are most important to you. Share stories and tell me what matters to you. Show me the things in life that you connect to.


3.  Your Life in Art

Within a month I will deliver your final images. You will receive no less than 10 edited master files for web display and at least one framed print. It will likely include more, but each project is different and the result is unique.


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